Jerry B Wells Orlando Probate Lawyer

Firm Overview

Legal problems can be unsettling and at times extremely stressful. It is not always easy to ask a probate law firm for help, but we are pledged to assist you. We’ll make your difficult situation as easy as possible. In the event that you or one of your relatives lives in Florida, you may be facing one of the following problems:

  • Your parent’s will is in probate court.
  • One of your family members is in a will or trust contest in which you are a beneficiary.
  • There is a court case to determine if a will or trust is legal or valid, in which you will be affected.

If this or something similar is happening to you, be assured that Jerry B. Wells is an attorney who is aggressive and skilled at representing your best interests. He is a lawyer who is experienced and up to date in his legal knowledge. You need Jerry B. Wells as your estate attorney.

The law firm of Jerry B. Wells can help you with the following:

  • Drafting a legal Florida will or trust
  • Handling a will or trust administration for a deceased family member
  • Representation of buyers or sellers in real estate transactions
  • An accident that results in a wrongful death

Wills, Probate Trust, Trust Administration

As a Florida law firm with years of probate and trust litigation experience, we have expertise handling these matters:

  • Probate and trust administration and litigation
  • Will contests
  • Probate litigation
  • Removal of personal representative
  • Removal of trustees
  • Funds stolen by personal representative or trustee
  • Will and trust legal construction cases
  • Trust contests
  • Trust administration
  • Trust litigation

A Word about Wills and Trusts

If the client has decided upon all the terms concerning the beneficiaries of his or her will, the will and trust then needs to be signed and witnessed correctly. Our law firm guarantees that your will or trust will be exactly as you desire it to be and that it is signed exactly as Florida Law requires. We provide wills as a service, and our fee for a will is incredibly modest. This is one more way we care for our clients.

Call Jerry B. Wells

Administering and probating wills is a serious matter requiring the skilled hand of an experienced lawyer and probate law firm. It may seem like an arduous task, but you do not want to administer wills or get involved in probating a will without trusted legal guidance.

In legal matters, especially those involving wills and probate, there is no substitute for knowledge and experience. Contact the law firm of Jerry B. Wells, Attorney and Counselor at Law, in Daytona Beach for quality legal representation in all probate matters.