Using a Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Jerry B Wells Florida Real Estate Attorney

Are you planning to lease or purchase commercial property in Central Florida? There is really no such thing as standard practice in business and everything is subject to negotiation. And whether you are an entrepreneur starting your own business in Central Florida, or an experienced business owner, using an experienced commercial real estate attorney to handle the lease or purchase negotiations can help make sure you strike a more favorable deal.

Lease or Purchase Negotiations in Florida

In fact, a commercial real estate lawyer who is able to negotiate more favorable lease terms will not only more than offset the cost of their services, but it could decide how quickly your business is able to become profitable. And one area of the lease that could determine whether your business breaks even or not is negotiating fair and equitable terms for maintenance and repairs. The property owner often wants the tenant to be responsible for everything, but a good real estate lawyer can make sure you are not paying for repairs that should be the responsibility of the landlord. 

And as far as responsibility is concerned, property owners will often include certain clauses in the lease that may restrict how you use the property and other terms that may affect the operation of your business. You will want your commercial real estate attorney to review and negotiate the removal of certain clauses that are not in your best interest.

Jerry B. Wells is an experienced commercial real estate attorney providing clients in the Central Florida area with expert advice and complex real estate negotiations, from contract and document preparation to resolving disputes and litigation. So if you are planning to lease, or purchase, a store, an office or any other type of commercial property in Orlando, Daytona Beach or the surrounding Central Florida area, contact us at (386) 253-3676 to schedule a consultation today!