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None of us know what the future holds. No matter where you live in Central Florida - Orlando, Daytona Beach, Ocala or surrounding communities - accidents, illness, or other traumas can strike at any time.  In some cases these traumas leave us unable to make competent decisions about medical procedures, legal wills, and our estates.  Or, we may may not be able communicate those decisions effectively.

Of course, times of medical crisis are when it is most essential to be able to communicate your wishes regarding healthcare, your legal will, and estate planning. If you live in the Ocala, Orlando, or Daytona Beach areas of Florida, then Jerry B. Wells, a probate lawyer with over 38 years of experience, can help you craft a living will or durable power of attorney. By creating a living will or similar legal document, you designate a representative whom you trust in order to execute your wishes on your behalf should you become medically unable to communicate those wishes.

Legal Will

Jerry B. Wells has handled legal wills, estate planning, and probate in Orlando, Daytona Beach, and all of Central Florida for almost four decades. His experience ensures any such documents - a legal will or living will - clearly articulate your wishes and are followed in case of an emergency. He also has the experience to represent you in a will dispute or probate should challenges arise against your will.

Legal Wills, Living Wills & Other Options - Which Is Right For You?

There are a number of different legal instruments that can help you prepare for the unexpected. The probate and will law firm of Jerry B. Wells can help determine which is the right instrument for you.

  • Living wills are documents that define your personal wishes regarding such issues as life support and medical care. These wishes are then carried out if you become completely incapacitated, especially if you fall into a non-responsive state such as a coma with little chance of recovery. Jerry B. Wells has years of specialized experience crafting living wills in Daytona Beach, Ocala, Orlando and all of Central Florida.
  • A health care surrogate is someone you designate to make your health care decisions for you should you lose the ability to do so yourself.
  • Durable powers of attorneydesignates a person to make legal decisions about your property should you become incapacitated or mentally incompetent.
  • A pre-need guardian nomination document nominates a legal guardian to be responsible for your health care decisions should you become incapacitated or mentally incompetent.

Florida Wills & Trusts

In legal matters involving wills, trusts and probate litigation, there is no substitute for knowledge and experience. Contact the probate law firm of Jerry B. Wells for quality legal representation today.